ekological Disinfection & Cleansing


ULI BREITER ECO-DES products have the special characteristic that the Ökompose themselves 100% biologically and still have the effectiveness of conventional chemical products. 


ULI BREITER ECO-DES is non-toxic and non-corrosive!

Multiple independent studies and experiences have shown that even daily exposure and utilization have absolutely no damaging effect on people, animals or the environment. 

Accordingly, danger signs are also totally unnecessary for the mentioned products. Our products fulfill the European Standard 98/8/EEC that has applied since 2006.  



 • Hygiene Institute Gelsenkirchen



Aquariums and Garden Ponds

Healthy Fish and Strong Vegetation Growth  


Improves the water quality in aquariums and garden ponds and is also excellent as a supplement to the water for fish farming. 



  • removes cloudiness from the water, eliminates and prevents algae from growing in aquariums and ponds by Ökomposing existing algae.  
  • provides clear water by dissolving all organic loading substances,  
  • frees plants, fish, etc. from parasites and other dangerous germs, viruses, fungi and bacteria – this results in 
  • improved vegetation growth and well-being of the fish,   
  • prevents uncontrolled growth of algae on filter systems,   
  • improves the water quality over a longer period of time, which greatly lengthens the intervals between water changes.  


Application: Every Two Weeks


Prepare the mixture according to the instructions and pour into the aquarium or garden pond. The water will clear up and algae can easily be removed.  



 Disinfection Cleaner 


ECO-DES is a strong product for the hygienically impeccable cleansing of surfaces and is, at the same time, exceptionally efficient in disinfecting against: 

  • bacteria, viruses, germs, molds, salmonella, etc. as well as all organic burdens on surfaces and   objects. 

ECO-DES has a disinfecting and cleansing effect that holds up to but also exceeds conventional chemical products. The advantage is however the special characteristic that ECO-DES Ökomposes itself 100% biologically and is thus extremely environmentally friendly. 

ECO-DES is utilized in 

  • Hospitals, Laboratories,
  • Doctor’s Offices,
  • Food Industry, • Butcheries, etc.



All-Purpose Cleaner and Fat Solvent

ECO-DES Clean is an All-Purpose Cleaner that does not damage the environment and is 100% Ökological.  The cleaner is highly effective but non-toxic and non-corrosive!  

ECO-DES Clean 

  • removes dirt from plastic frames, window and door frames, plastic furniture and plastic parts,   
  • removes dirt on tile and joints, 
  • removes baked on dirt in ovens,  
  • quickly and safely removes fat and grease,
  • removes coffee residues in coffee cans quickly and reliably, 
  • is optimal as an additive for the washing machine or dish washer,
  • is optimal for removing blood stains in butcheries and slaughterhouses, 
  • is optimal for cleaning stone floors, wood floors, cork flooring, carpets, plastic, etc. 


ECO-DES is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:100. This mixture results in an efficient disinfecting cleaner for household and commercial use.  


ECO-DES Disinfection

Applicable for Surface Disinfection according to UBA 

Hygienically impeccable surfaces; ECO-DES Disinfection is effective against 

  • Bacteria,
  • Viruses,
  • Germs,
  • Molds,
  • Salmonella and
  • all organic burdens on surfaces and objects 

 Because ECO-DES Disinfection is non-toxic and non-corrosive is can be used all over for disinfecting surfaces. 

  • Floors, Tables, Arm-Chairs, Upholstery, Beds (Linens, Pillows, Comforters,  Mattresses, etc.),
  • Shower and Toilet Facilities, Reduces the Smell of Urine and Urinal Cake,
  • Stuffed Animals, Toys (Kindergartens, Elementary Schools, Household),
  • Dispensing Equipment at Events (Hose and Bar Disinfection),
  • Pipes (Beer Pipes), Commercial and Household Kitchen Disinfection, 
  • Animal Breeding and Animal Shelters (Stable, Cage, Water Trough), Pigeonry,
  • Cleansing and Disinfection of Doctor’s Office Rooms, Hospitals, etc.  
  • Odor Removal: Nicotine in Curtains, Fabric, Carpets, etc,  
  • Odor Removal: Animal Odors in Blankets,
  • Odor Removal: in Garbage Cans,
  • Odor Removal: in Shoes and Textiles.


 ECO-DES Disinfection

Healthy Fish Breeding in Marine Breeding Farms  

Marine Eco-systems all over the world are exhausted as a result of over-fishing by industrial fishing fleets but the demand for valuable fish exceeds the amount of fish caught. Especially this situation has helped the fish farming industry to experience an Economic boom. Important prerequisites for high-value, constant marine farms are:   

  • continuously cleansed sea water, 
  • complete discontinuance of chemical additives and antibiotics, • species-appropriate feeding with controlled quality feed,   
  • protective measures against parasites and illness.  

ECO-DES provides effective protection against illness and parasites in the farming pools. Antibiotics and other medications are not used so that the consumer is not burdened by consuming fish that is full of pharmaceuticals.   

ECO-DES improves the water quality by dissolving all organic loading substances over a longer period of time and prevents the over-population of algae in the filter systems.  

All of the large pools in the farm are connected to an ECO-DES System that fully automatically controls the disinfection and preparation of the sea water with the programmed amount of the correct mixture of ECO-DES. 


Mixture Ration for Diverse Areas of Application 



ECO-DES is absolutely harmless for people and animals.  



For Plants and Agriculture

 Healthy Vegetation Growth and Fruit Crops



  • provides effective protection for house plants against Ökomposition, mold and organic burdens of all types and can also be applies for fruit and vegetable gardening.  
  • The application of ECO-DES results in quicker growth and thus ensures higher profit while also providing protection against organic burdens.  
  • Hydro-cultures react sensitively to Ökomposition that occurs during biological Ökoy of dead roots. Mold forms and the plant slowly dies. By adding ECO-DES  to the plant water you can create a healthy environment for your plants.  
  • In order to prevent mould, follow the mixture instructions for spraying plants, trees, etc.


(Nurseries, Fruit Farms) and then spray the mixture all over the plants and trees in the garden or field. 


Protection against all types of pathogens:



Germ Reduction Potential of Different Disinfection Methods 

In comparison to chlorination, ECO-DES is effective while remaining non-toxic!